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In March 2004, Germany QVC Home Shopping Live channel set a sales record of 466 sets per minute. LOCK&LOCK closed containers were the hero of such record. LOCK&LOCK has continuously presented a remarkable performance of ‘the entire quantity sold’ in 6 times of broadcasting and 40,000 set sold in just one day, writing a new history and achieving a fame for its name, LOCK&LOCK in Germany. In November 2011, LOCK&LOCK has established the sales unit in Frankfurt, which is a center of German economy and finance and where worldwide buyers gather for the international fairs every year to target European market more aggressively. LOCK&LOCK currently has about 14,000 sales channels including large discount stores such as QVC, supermarkets and kitchenware stores, recording the highest sales in Europe.]

Status of Sales Unit

  • Germany Sales Corporation LOCK & LOCK GmbH

    • ADDRESSEuropa - Allee 88, 60486 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
    • TEL49-69-770-610-10
    • FAX49-69-770-610-119

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