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LocknLock Story

Episode 4) Cookwear - What is Cookwear hard anodaijing is LOCK&LOCK

1. LocknLock Cookware Material

LocknLock Cookware mostly uses aluminum. Aluminum is the most common silver and white soft metal and “light metal” that is safe and light, not the heavy metal that is harmful and accumulated in the body. Aluminum is easy to process and has a great heat conduction and corrosion resistance. For such reason, it is widely used in food containers such as for beer or soda, kitchen appliances, foil, packing materials, electric and electronic equipment and machinery.

2. Features of LOCK&LOCK Cookware

“Hard Anodizing Process” is applied to the surface of LOCK&LOCK Cookware. Hard Anodizing Process refers to special process that forms soft aluminum that can be easily scraped into hard “alumina layer” (Al2O3-equal property to ceramic) by electrochemistry method. In general, Hard Anodizing is high technology used to improve corrosion resistance and harden the surface of aircrafts, ships or building exterior materials. For such purposes, LocknLock applies the Hard Anodizing Process on the surface of cookware to create excellent surface solidity, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance.

▲ Application examples: Spacecraft, Aircraft surface, Industrial machinery, Building interior and exterior material, Slide parts, Roller, Semiconductor equipment, etc.,

Advantages of “Hard Anodizing” process

① Excellent coating power

Applying Hard Anodizing Process on the aluminum surface makes the surface an anchor structure holding the coating liquid that strengthens the coating power, which results in long-lasting coating.

Corrosion resistance against Heat, Friction, Salt

Hard Anodizing process is mainly applied to the surface of spacecraft, aircraft or ship. The common ground they share is that they must go through such an extreme environment of being constantly exposed to heat, air and salt. This shows how effective Hard Anodizing process is in strengthening corrosion resistance on the surface. It also shows that LOCK&LOCK Cookware products are indestructible to frequent cooking or powerful cleaning.

③ Long-lasting Durability

Hard Anodizing hardens the surface strength and increases corrosion resistance. You can enjoy our Cookware durably for a long time.

3. Q&A on Cookware

① When is the right time to change a frying pan?

Replacement time may defer depending on the quality of material and usage environment of the frying pan, but generally it is two years for a coated frying pan.

② How do I manage the long use of the frying pan?

We suggest putting food on the pan after warming up the pan for 2 to 3 minutes at medium-high heat. Warming up the pan at high heat for too long may cause the coating to peel. Cleaning or putting the frying pan into the cold water while it is still hot can also result in coating peeling. It is better to wash the pan with warm water or just wipe the oil out with paper tower after the pan cools down.

③ Is Aluminum, frying pan material harmless to our body?

We absorb aluminum in our daily life and yes, it is harmless. All food and drink grown on the earth such as vegetables, grains, seafood, or livestock contain aluminum. There is also a great amount of aluminum contained in additives such as cheese, baking powder and pickles, stream water or underground water, antacid and gastrointestinal medicine.