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LocknLock Story

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LocknLock Story

1. Material of LocknLock Vacuum Bottle

STS304 and STS201 are commonly used stainless in vacuum bottle. LocknLock uses premium STS304 that is antirust due to high content of chrome (Cr) and Nickel (Ni) in both interior and exterior of the bottle. It is common to use STS304 inside and STS201 on the outside of the product as STS304 has a higher cost than STS201. However, this may damage the vacuum layer as the different tension from different material can cause crack over time.

2. Features of LocknLock Vacuum Bottle

① Special Copper Platin Coating to maintain heat

LocknLock Vacuum Bottle has Special Copper Platin Coating applied to the outside of inside bottle, which gives a great thermal and cold insulation. It minimizes the heat loss by blocking radiant heat inside the vacuum bottle.

특수 동도금 코팅

② Getter to maintain life expectancy of vacuum bottle (Absorber)

“Getter” is also known as “Absorber” that takes Zirconium as a main material. Getter absorbs “hydrogen gas” generated when the “residual gas” inside the vacuum tube of the vacuum bottle, hot water and stainless react together to maintain the vacuum state for a long time. Get a LOCK&LOCK Vacuum bottle has an outstanding gas absorption power as it contains more than 70% of Zirconium, which is far greater than other brand products. This is how LocknLock Vacuum bottle can keep the heat conservation for a long time.

4단계 게타 공법 진공상태유지

③ 2mm distance of inside and outside bottle

The distance between the inside and outside bottle of Vacuum Bottle is 2mm. LOCK&LOCK Vacuum bottles have the greatest actual capacity compared to others with the same capacity. The capacity efficiency is higher while the weight is lighter compared to other same size products. We present ultra light vacuum bottles. (Some items excluded)

내, 외병 사이 간격 2mm (일부 아이템 미적용)

동일용량 텀블러 대비 실 용량 최대

④ Triple Air Cap for heat loss prevention

Triple Air Cap is the technology to prevent heat loss from convection current inside the bottle by applying an insulator to the cap. Triple Air Cap on the lid results in less heat loss and more than 2℃ of higher heat conservation compared to regular lid. (This is based on inside test. The temperature of 99℃±1℃ of hot water in the vacuum bottle stayed higher than 60℃ after 6 hours under the 20℃±5℃ of the room temperature. Test vacuum bottle: Diameter 48mm / Capacity 400mm) (Some items excluded)

3중 에어캡 / SGS인증 및 실용신안 출원, 90℃ 물을 담고 20분 후 열화상 카메라 테스트 비교 - 일반 뚜껑에 비해 보온력 2℃ 이상 높음, 뚜껑에 3중 에어캡 적용

3. Q&A on Vacuum Bottle

① What is the principle of vacuum bottle?

Vacuum bottle, in general, refers to the insulated container designed to keep the temperature of water, tea, meal, or food at certain degree of temperature for a long time. The middle of the inside and outside wall is designed to be vacuum state to prevent heat conduction and heat convection from generating.

일반적인 보온병의 내부 모습 - 마개, 이중벽(내병&외병), 진공

② What is the difference between “Vacuum bottle” and “Tumbler”?

You can tell the difference by the cap (lid). With vacuum bottle, you open the lid, open the outlet of inside cap and drink. On the other hand, tumbler has an outlet right under the lid that you get access to your drink right away just like a cup.

Difference between Vcuum bottle and Tumbler can be found at the form of cap (lid).

보온병 - 뚜껑을 열고, 내부 캡의 입구를 열어 컵 등에 따라 마시는 구조

텀블러 - 뚜껑을 열면, 바로 음용구가 있어 컵처럼 바로 마실 수 있는 형태