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Cookware Plant

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Cookware Plant

LocknLock Overseas Factories

LocknLock endeavors to enhance our position as a global brand to meet the demand of global market that grows every year by building plastic, heat resistant glass and cookware plants in the world including China and Vietnam.

LocknLock Vung Tau Cookware Plant completed in 2012 in Vietnam manufactures high quality and diverse cookware goods using its distinctive technology.

It has unequaled facilities such as a large drawing machine that weighs 5,000 tons, film process line in which Hard & Soft Anodizing is possible and equipment that allows the most advanced coating simultaneously such as non-stick coating or ceramic coating. Thanks to such facility, it provides mass production yet very sophisticated and fast supply.

Vung Tau Cookware Plant

Foundation date July, 2012
Area Total area : 35,000㎡
Building area : 17,000㎡
Production facilities

Production Line

- Drawing

- Racking

- Anodizing

- Steam Sealing

- Buffing

- Assembly

- Packing

Production Line-Coating

- Drawing

- Sanding

- Coating

- Baking

- Assembly

- Packing

Annual output
Anodizing Line : 24 million pcs/year
Coating Line : 36 million pcs/year

Cookware main process


Committed to consumer convenience and health, LocknLock produces only premium quality products. At LocknLock, our goal is simple: to cater to all culinary needs through innovation. We’re a global eco-friendly brand: LocknLock. LocknLock strives to create a new way of life. From our home base South Korea, we’ve been expanding our manufacturing operations and venturing overseas such as in China and Vietnam. As a leading innovator of home- and kitchenware in Asia, LocknLock has expanded its business horizons to include cookware. In 2012, LocknLock opened its first cookware factory in Vung Tau, Vietnam. Our specialized know-how coupled with Vietnam’s competitive business edge will no doubt quickly transform LocknLock into a global giant in cookware. LocknLock Cookware Plant in Vung Tau completed in 2012 Gross Area : 35,000 m2 Capability : 6 million pcs/year [Facility] 1. 5,000T Deep Drawing Presses & Steam Sealing Machine Equipped with drawing presses with a capacity of 5,000 tons... LocknLock cookware facility utilizes top-of-the-line technologies. Anodizing and coating processes can be performed here—simultaneously. Our anodizing line involves both hard and soft anodizing, while our coating line includes nonstick and ceramic coatings. As a result, mass production and fast distribution of products are made possible. 2. Anodizing Line( Hard & Soft Anodizing) & Coating Line( Nonstick & Ceramic Coating) Starting with drawing, Coating, Polishing, Hard Anodizing, Steam Sealing, Marking, and Assembly... All LocknLock cookware is made through rigorous methods. Production Drawing > Coating > Polishing > Hard Anodizing > Steam Sealing > Marking > Assembly/Inspection > Packing/Shipment LocknLock uses an eco-friendly process called “hard anodizing.” The process thickens the natural layer of aluminum oxide. As a result, our utensils are able to better resist abrasion. What’s more, LocknLock cookware is made with 3 layers of coating to produce a highly durable and shock-resistant finish. Hardness - Excellent Coatings and Surface Hardness 3-layer Nonstick Coatings Abrasion Resistance Test Result for “Hard & Light”: 50,000+ cycles of oscillating abrasive pad Only pure aluminum is used for LocknLock cookware, making our utensils light and easy to handle. They're also ergonomically designed, so they’re light and easy to handle. 99% Pure Aluminum & Lightweight #. 쿡웨어 주요기술 및 제품 [Processes and Products] LocknLock offers a wide-range of cookware: Pressed utensils with a uniform thickness and simplicity in design... Pressed Cookware - Hard & Light, Cookplus ...forged cookware with thick bottoms, made using press forces topping 2,500 tons... Forged Cookware - Prima, Cookplus ....die-cast cookware, from injecting molten aluminum into molds... Die-Cast Cookware - Ceramic, Cookplus ...and gravity cast cookware, by hand-pouring aluminum into molds. Using various types of techniques, LocknLock offers a great mix of cookware for modern tastes. Gravity-Cast Cookware - Salon, Two Hands In addition, thick stainless steel plates are brazed to aluminum on the bottom of our vessels for a smoother and heat conducting base. Plus, our cookware is compatible with modern induction range tops. Brazing Method Driven by research and passion, LocknLock is striving to become a premium cookware brand. We set out to provide only the best. Creating an easier and a healthier culinary experience using eco-friendly cookware is our main mission. Creating a new way of life, [Global No. 1] LocknLock.

1. Raw Materials

2. Drawing

3. Sand Blast

4. Hard-Anodizing

5. Steam Sealing

6. Coating

7. Marking

8. Assembly

9. Inspection