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Global Business

Global corporation that leads kitchen living culture

We, A global company exporting to 120 nations, are in people’s life throughout the world

Global Business

글로벌 리더 락앤락

From the Korean No.1 Kitchen Living Culture company,
LocknLock is taking a great leap forward to become
a worldwide global company.

LocknLock exporter in Jan. 2018

Since its foundation in 1978, LocknLock has been recognized for its global competitiveness through continuous innovation, creating its successful miracle story of worldwide ‘SOLD OUT’ including United States, Europe and China. We have been accelerating the globalization strategy, challenging the global market based on our successful market experience and competent innovation.

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    Overseas Sales Unit

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    Overseas Production Unit

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    Worldwide exporting nations

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    Overseas directly operated stores

  • Miracle of Success of the mainland China

    LocknLock has become the best and the most recognized brand in the largest market in the world, Mainland China where 1.4 billion population lies. We have developed new distribution channels, including directly managed stores, department stores and large retail stores by establishing sales and production units throughout China, expanding the customer coverage. We have won 1st prize in the industry of closed containers and thermos bottles in China Brand Power Index (C-BPI) every year and was selected as ‘2015 the most outstanding brand’ in Tmall (, the largest online store in China. We have located ourselves the true No.1 Kitchen Living Culture Corporation in China.

  • Vietnam, a global foothold of production and distribution

    LocknLock has completed the construction of not only Sales unit but also Plastic molding plant (70,000㎡ of area), Heat resistant glass plant (150,000㎡ of area) and Cookware Plant (35,000㎡) in Vietnam. We are currently expanding the establishment of global production and distribution base based on our competent technology and professional manpower. Vietnam is leading our goal of export expansion as a crucial foothold for distribution with its price competitiveness and distribution for its geographic advantage and well-built distribution system. Since we opened the store in Ho Chi Min City in 2008, we have so far opened 13 stores in the first year and become the ‘National Kitchenware’ in Vietnam with the help of Korean Wave.

  • United States, the advanced base for globalization

    LocknLock has recorded a sellout of 5,000 sets on QVC, the largest home shopping television network in the United States for our first debut, becoming a worldwide sensation in North America. LocknLock has had the privilege of being continuously selected as ‘Today’s Special Value’ (TSV) on QVC since 2003, which is given only after passing the strict standard on functionality, design and sales. We are still writing our own success story of ‘Sold out’ miracle. The U.S. market is the starting point and advanced base for LocknLock globalization.

  • Europe, the leader of global trend

    LocknLock has received ‘The first class’ in the closed container industry from OKO-TEST, a German consumer magazine that is also a representative consumer good evaluation agency in Germany. We have also been selected as ‘Best of Best Seller’ by British houseware magazine, Houseware. We have been recognized for our excellent quality in European market. On top of that, our design has gained recognition in the global design industry as well including Red Dot Design Award, iF Design Award and German Design Award. We have participated in Ambient, an international consumer goods fair in Frankfurt, since 2004 to discover new buyers and establish strategies by nation through sales consultation and trend analysis.

  • Southeast Asia, a specialized target market

    LocknLock has gained a reputation of ‘Korean version of P&G’ from overseas investors such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines and Singapore. We are expanding stores directly managed by HQ in the heartland of Southeast Asia and the special sale of global corporations such as Coca-Cola or Amway is very active in this region. In addition, we are realizing glocalization by establishing overseas corporations in Indonesia and Thailand besides Vietnam corporation. Starting with the first directly managed store in the largest city of Myanmar, Yangon, we currently have expanded to 8 stores all located in the main street. Southeast Asia is ‘Another land of opportunity’ to LocknLock as the export continues to grow.

  • Middle East and Africa, an emerging market with a rapid growth

    LocknLock has secured 1,300 distribution channels including department stores and discount chains in 12 countries throughout Middle East and Africa. Starting with the first directly managed store in Lebanon established in 2010, we plan to increase our directly managed stores in the local area including Dubai. An emerging market of Middle East and Africa has recorded 5% of annual economic growth rate from the beginning of 21st century, rapidly growing as a world central market. The industry of living consumer goods is also booming and LocknLock is at the very center of such rapid growing market.