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Corporate Philosophy

Company who cares for the environment and human

We build a better life by putting the valuable environment and consumer health first

Corporate Philosophy

LocknLock has pursued the entrepreneurial spirit of enriching the life of customers based on corporate philosophy that prioritizes the environment and human since its foundation in 1978.

We promise our customers

We spare no passion or effort in continuous research and development and product innovation to satisfy our customers with our outstanding products. We promise to do the best we can to lead a better kitchen living culture through leading technology and delicate design and to build a better life.

We will rise up as a proud Korean enterprise in the global world.

We believe invaluable products with creative ideas are appreciated anywhere in the world. LocknLock currently exports our products to 120 countries and shares kitchen living culture with people all over the world. LocknLock will carry out continuous development and management innovation activities to be the strong global company with international competitiveness and strive to remain its competitive position by responding to this rapidly changing environment with creative and open-minded corporate culture.

We will practice the business of sharing.

LocknLock not only contributes to the national economy but also has eagerly practiced the business of sharing as a corporation that values society and environment. Lock & Lock fulfills the role as a social enterprise by spreading our warm corporate culture through respect for the environment and human and various social contribution activities.

We will continue to move forward with challenge and passion until we reach the No.1 spot in the Global Market through cooperation of all employees based on trust and respect.

We hope you will continue to send us your love and support.

Thank you.


A Company that values the environment and humanity.

LocknLock has set its corporate philosophy as “Company that values the environment and human” and has considered the healthy, safety and convenience of customers as our priority since the its foundation in 1978.


We seek customer satisfaction through product development that has eco-friendly materials and innovative design.

Better Life

We aim for differentiated challenges and change and we endeavor to improve the life value of customers.


We realize business of sharing that the environment and humans can coexist in harmony and contribute to society.


Global No.1 Comprehensive household products company

LocknLock aims to be the global No.1 comprehensive household products company that the world can trust with its finest quality and international competitiveness.


  • Honesty and Trust

    We promise to fulfill our responsibility to increase the value and happiness of our customers, shareholders and employees by providing the best product and service through credible and fair management that prioritizes health, safety and convenience of customers.

  • Ownership and Action

    We seek the growth and development with a mind of ownership and strong actions. We promise to be the enterprise that leads such changes and creates cultures.

  • Creativity and Challenge

    We promise to continuously seek the new and innovation with a spirit of creativity and challenge and develop better products that satisfy the needs of customers and the market, taking the lead in changes and the market.

  • Responsibility and Contribution

    We commit ourselves to become a sustainable enterprise that is trusted for social responsibility and contribution to society, pursuing mutual growth based on the respect for society and humanity.


  • Customer & Market-Oriented

  • Concentration

  • New Biz Development

  • Strengthening Global Strategy

  • Human Resource Development