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Plastic Plant

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Plastic Plant

LocknLock Overseas Factories

LocknLock endeavors to enhance our position as a global brand to meet the demand of global market that grows every year by building plastic, heat resistant glass and cookware plants in the world including China and Vietnam.

Vung Tau Plastic Plant completed in 2013 in Vietnam is generating a successful synergy along with Heat Resistant Glass Plant and Cookware Plant.

Vung Tau Plastic Plant manufactures LocknLock Classics, the foundation of LocknLock growth, various plastic closed containers including the overseas brand, 0.05g, another main good, bottles and storage products such as Inplus. It is facilitated with its own molding plant as well in order to respond flexibly to diversified customer demands and maintain the high quality. 

Vung Tau Plastic Plant

Foundation date February, 2013
Area Total area : 46,566㎡
Building area : 22,285㎡
Production facilities

Production Line

- Preparing&Coloring Raw materials

- Injection Molding

- Large Injection Molding

- ISBM(Injection Stretch Blow Molding)

- EBM(Extrusion Blow Molding)

- In-line inspection&Assembly

Assembly Line

- Hot Stamping

- Shrink Film Wrapping

- Assembly & Packing


- Warehousing & Delivering

Annual output
77 million pcs/year

Facility introduction

Production facilities

  • Injection Molding
  • ISBM(Injection Stretch Blow Molding)
  • EBM(Extrusion Blow Molding)

Assembly facilities

  • Hot Stamping
  • Assembly
  • Warehousing

Molding facilities

  • CNC Machine Center
  • MillIng
  • EDM(Electric Discharge Machining)
  • Wire Cutting Machine
  • Radial Drlling
  • Warehouse

Other plastic plant

Suzhou, China

Foundation date October, 2007
Area Total area : 96,513㎡
Production facilities 128 million pcs/year

Manshan, China

Foundation date November, 2006
Area Total area : 73,333㎡
Production facilities 78 million pcs/year