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Social Contribution

Always with you, LocknLock

We are growing to be a trusted company by harmonizing corporate profit and public value

Social Contribution

We seek to find various ways to practice social contribution activities with a sincere heart that can be a practical help for a harmonious society, where the ‘environment preservation’ and ‘happy human’ are the key axes.


There are both environment and people to make the Earth.

A company that values the environment and human - A harmonious society and the global world where the environment and humans coexist with peace
Human - Education / Environment support for the domestic and overseas underprivileged
Environmental - Spread the culture of using individual cups for resource recirculation


LocknLock carries out social contribution activities for domestic and overseas neighbors in need based on the corporate philosophy ‘Company that values the environment and human’.

We put our corporate philosophy that values ‘people’ into practice through various practical ways such as support and volunteer work for neighbors in need.

Good Consumption Campaign

We have manufactured the Love Bottle with the design of actual painting that children from Losun Elementary School in Hoang Van Tu in Northwest Vietnam had drawn and donated part of sales profit to classroom extension construction business. We have provided new classrooms to 120 students who suffered unstable education environment in such an obsolete classroom and has continued to support them through sisterhood relationship.

Global Leader Development

LocknLock has donated the Global Leadership Fund to Yanbian University in Jilin, China for the purpose of global leader development. This is an education support fund for students and faculties of Yanbian University and ethnic Korean middle and high school students. We plan to continuously support the scholarship to more than 150 students and faculties every year until 2020.

Hope Process Charity

Ever since 2005 when LocknLock entered the Chinese market, it has been helping children in impoverished areas by donating the total sales proceeds of LocknLock Shanghai store earned on Children’s Day (June 1st) to Hope Process Foundation through ‘Hope Process’ charity work. The donation is used for the education environment improvement for children in impoverished areas including the ‘LocknLock Hope Computer Class’ in Yunnan, Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region, Hubei, Jiangxi and Gansusheng.

Regional community Sharing Activities

LocknLock donates the biggest asset of our company, ‘products’ to the regional community and organizations and provides a place to share with customers, realizing the corporate value. We continue to supply cold protection products for the people in need to stay warm during winter. We also carry out ‘Good Home Baking Class’, where we bake and deliver baked goods to children who need our support with an official community, LocknLock supporters. We do our best to help families stay warm through continuous social contribution activities.

LocknLock is carrying out various environmental campaigns to preserve the earth that we live on in a more beautiful and cleaner way.

We devote ourselves to raising people’s attention to disposable product use, resource recycling and to encouraging the culture of using individual cups.

Resource Recirculation Campaign ①Beautiful Store

LocknLock has practiced resource recycling by regularly donating products that are not suitable for sales due to damages or scratches on the package so that customers can purchase them frugally since an agreement was made with Beautiful Store in 2014. The sales revenue from it is used for residential environment improvement for the underprivileged children to add the meaning of sharing to resource recycling.

Resource Recirculation Campaign ②‘Exchange’

LocknLock has been carrying out the ‘Exchange’ campaign that encourages customers to bring used plastic containers to the sales channel at direct management stores, franchise stores, or discount stores of LocknLock and delivers them to the professional collecting companies to lead the recycling of LocknLock’s major product, plastic containers. In addition, LocknLock is spreading the recycling culture through ‘Good PUR’ campaign that stands for Good Product, Good Use and Good Recycle of plastic products in Gwanghwamun square.

University Student Supporters ‘Greenmate’

‘Greenmate’, a globally spreading and operated organization including China, Vietnam and Indonesia with the start of its 1st generation in Korea in 2013, is a university student supporters founded to realize the eco-friendly corporate philosophy of LocknLock. Greenmate acts as an environment keeper that suggests fresh and young eco-friendly product ideas. It is the main subject of environment promotions such as ‘Tumbler Day’, a campaign that encourages the use of tumbler rather than disposable products. Greenmate is also a bridge that enables the communication between LocknLock and the twenties.

Green Campaign

LocknLock continues to conduct the eco-friendly campaign to spread the culture of using individual cups while reducing the disposable products. We operate Recycling Cup Rental Zone at environment-friendly music festivals, ‘Green Plugged Festival’ and ‘Beautiful Mint Life’ as an official sponsor to contribute to spreading the culture of using individual cups. We also work hard to inform the public including young generations of the seriousness of environment issues at ‘Allure Green Campaign’.