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Bisfree / Heat resistant glass / 4 side locking / Frying pan / Tumbler

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Materials: Body-PET / Lid - Polypropylene (PP)


Powerful Module Type of Binding Method

The structure of bottom surface and top of lid interlocking and binding as if assembled enables customers to stably stack the containers without worrying about dropping them when opening the refrigerator door and also to use the space more efficiently.


Screw Locking Sealing

You don’t have to worry about food spills when you drop the container thanks to screw type of locking that you can simply turn it to lock.


Perfect Storage Usage!

Not only for the refrigerator door, It can be space-efficient at everywhere in your kitchen such as shelves!


Customized Capacity for Market Products

Its capacity is customized to perfectly store groceries currently on the market. You can store all market products in the interlock with no exception.

- Cereal 1.6kg > Interlock 1,600ml
- Red beans 1kg > Interlock 1,000ml
- Coffee 500g > Interlock 500ml


Wide Mouth, Easy Cleaning

Its mouth wide enough to fit your hand can be easily cleaned without using a cleaning brush.


Various Types and Sizes

There are 3 types—narrow, middle, and wide that you can choose depending on the size of your refrigerator. There are also various sizes from 150ml for storing powder seasonings separately to 2.1L for pasta.

Door Pocket Container for Grains

Interlock Grain Container

1. You can store grains or noodles conveniently in the door pocket of refrigerator.

2. Easy open and close stopper has a small mouth that prevents contents from spilling when you move them. The base standard is ordinary spaghetti (1.6mm) serving one person.

3. The middle lid has a wide mouth, Which makes it easy to put contents inside and to clean it.