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Bisfree / Heat resistant glass / 4 side locking / Frying pan / Tumbler

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Materials : Body - Aluminum / Handle, Knob - Bakelite / Coating - Inside(Pot, Wok) - Hard Anodizing + Ceramic Coating, Inside(Frying pan) - Hard Anodizing + Non-stick Coating, Outside(All) - Hard Anodizing + Ceramic Coating


Design Awarded at the World Design Award

As a cookware designed with a motive of solidity of bird’s beak and grace of bird’s wings, Birds cookware is awarded for its exquisite design at one of the world’s top 3 design awards, IF Design Award and Reddot Design Award. It is a great interior factor that brings grace and elegance into your kitchen.


Lid and Handle with Functionality

Birds pots come with glass lid, Which allows you to easily check contents inside while cooking. You can also have the lid stand very easily while cooking or drying after washing, Which lets you use the kitchen more spaciously and clean.


Special Coating with Advanced Technology

With hard anodizing process used for aircraft body applied, Birds products present a high durability and solidity. You can cook even easier and faster with not only PFOA free but also the finest non-stick coating (Frying pan) and ceramic coating (Pot, Wok).


Refreshing Natural Color

Fresh green that reminds you of nature and Blue that brings refreshing sensation adds vitality and energy to your kitchen.


Usable in All Heat Source Cookware Including Induction

Birds cookware has a stainless steel induction bottom, Which makes it easily usable in all heat source cookware such as gas stove, Electric stove, and induction anytime anywhere.

* Specifications may differ depending on the sales country and channel.

What is hard anodizing?

It is a highly specialized technology used to harden the surface of aircrafts or buildings. It is a special process to produce light but hard product by oxidizing fine aluminum raw materials and creating alumina ceramic protective film as hard as ceramics.


  • Sauce Pan


  • Casserole/
    Stock Pot

    18cm / 24cm

  • Dutch Oven


  • Fry Pan

    24cm / 28Cm

  • Wok


  • Grill