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Bisfree / Heat resistant glass / 4 side locking / Frying pan / Tumbler

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Material: Body, Cap, Pressure board – Polypropylene (PP) / Cap packing, Breathing air valve packing – Silicone rubber / Handle – HIPS / Pressure board packing - Synthetic rubber


Breathing air valve

Breathing air valve expelling inner fermentation gas and preventing external air inflow makes fermented food like Kimchi, pickle more delicious. (Available disassembling and clean)

Pressure board

Pressure board helps contain sinking underwater perfectly and maintaining in fresh condition preventing contact with air.

Outstanding airtightness

Extraordinary airtightness using LOCK&LOCK’s 4-sides of locking lid and inner silicone packing available disassembling and clean prevent a leak and smelling of fermented food.
* Considering weight after full of contents of big size container (7L, 11L), apply clip typed cap to make easy to open, close and take it out.

Convenient handle for moving

The handle on the upper lid makes container easy to move and take it in and out from the refrigerator.