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Bisfree / Heat resistant glass / 4 side locking / Frying pan / Tumbler

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Materials: Body – Stainless Steel 304 , Packing – Silicone,
Cap – Polypropylene (PP) or Stainless Steel 304


Stainless Steel 304

It has an outstanding durability that does not create any cracks even after a long time of use as premium material stainless steel 304 is used in both inside and outside of the bottle.


Special Copper Plating Coating

You can use it in all seasons as it presents an excellent thermos / Cold insulation with its special copper plating coating equipped inside.


LOCK&LOCK’s Unique
Thermal / Cold Insulation Technology

2mm of double void wall between the inside and outside of the bottle, Premium quality getter that maintains vacuum state of double void wall and triple air cap that prevents heat loss preserve the thermal and cold conservation function for a long time.

(※May differ depending on items)


Wide Round Outlet for Easy Cleaning

Its wide round outlet makes a cleaning easier, Allowing you to keep it more sanitary and hygienic.


Sophisticated Design and Various Shapes

We offer sophisticated and various design from the adorable product line and color to luxury stainless steel products.