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Bisfree / Heat resistant glass / 4 side locking / Frying pan / Tumbler

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- Cookware: Kitchen tool, Chopping board, Mixing bowl, Tray, Kitchen knife, Kitchen scissors, etc.
- Kitchen products: Seasoning container, Food trash bin, Refrigerator organizing products, Cleaning brush, Sink products, Disposable products, etc.

Key Products

Seasoning Container / Canister

- Optimization per usage and location: Powder seasoning container, Oil container, Dry food container, Door pocket container, etc.,
- Various designs that anyone can choose from trendy canister to elegant oil bottle
- Diverse safe materials: PET, General glass, Heat resistant glass, Stainless, etc.

Anti-bacterial Chopping Board

- Outstanding antibacterial ability for germ control (SIAA approved Antimicrobic used)
- Additional easy-to-use function: Handle, Double-sided chopping boar, Defrosting function, etc., (Differs on products)
- Non-slipping chopping board surface and Blade damage prevention function
- Fast clean and dry, Easy storage from slim shape

-  Main Items: Black Wood Knife Block Set, Damascus Knife Block Set, Core Knife Block Set
-  Safe and high quality premium material: German Stainless Steel 1.4116, Damascus Steel, etc. (Differs on products)
-  Various items which are the most frequently used Kitchen Knife / Paring Knife / Kitchen Scissors / Chinese Cleaver (Differs on products) 
-  Outstanding grip and ergonomically designed handle / Modern design for upgrading kitchen interior


Food Trash Bin

- Double silicone packing that blocks odor and moist and 4 sides Interlocking System
- Separate structure for hygienic cleaning and management
- Cap Handle is convenient when carrying around and Body Handle useful when taking out the trash
- Modern design upgrades the kitchen look