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Easy carry Metro tumbler coming in added convenience and sophisticated design

Product information

  • 01

    Simple, sophisticated and safe

    The reliable and safe STS304 stainless tumbler comes in the chic design with curved lines for a firm grip

  • 02

    Lightweight body and handy strap for greater user comfort

    Carry it with just one finger by using the handy strap on the Metro tumbler that is as light as a smart phone.

  • 03

    Good manners with silent stopper

    Keep good manners anytime and anywhere with a silent stopper that keeps shock and noise to a minimum.

  • 04

    Strainer for ice to protect from pouring and hold a straw

    A strainer for ice protects from pouring, and also helps straws stay in place.


  • Strap for Easy carry
  • Noise-reduction  With silence stopper
  • Outstanding Cold/Thermal Insulation
Body stainless steel 304
Cap poly propylene
Packing Rubber (silicon rubber)