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Tumbler satisfying both functionality and size with clip type and clear cap.

Product information

  • 01

    LocknLock’s best tumbler with a clip-type and clear cap.

    Combination of clip type and slide open clear cap for greater convenience makes the Clip tumbler the best tumbler from LocknLock.

  • 02

    Great cool/warm insulation performance with Dual Vacuum technology and 540ml big sized body

    Keeps cool for up to 19 hours and warm for up to 3 hours to enjoy both cold and hot beverages in the grand size of 540ml.

  • 03

    More hygienic with mirror finishing surface and more convenient with wider open top

    Mirror finishing for smooth surface technology prevents leaving beverage residues that causes odor and color stain.

  • 04

    Noise-reduction with the silent stopper and modern design

    Modern lines and sophisticated colors makes it suitable anywhere while the silent stopper at the bottom reduces noise and provides greater stability.


  • Two types of caps
  • Double vacuum technology
  • Wide open top for convenient washing
  • Mirror polishing technology
Body stainless 304
Cap PP, AS, Silicon