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The joy of using in two ways as a tumbler or as an insulation bottle.

Product information

  • 01

    Two Way cap for use indoors and on-the-go.

    Metro Two Way tumbler comes with a lid for easy drinking in the office and a to-go cap for perfect sealing.

  • 02

    Easy carry with a hidden strap

    The hidden strap at the top of the cap provides portability to carry it anywhere.

  • 03

    Three sizes to choose from to carry your home-made coffee.

    Sizes vary from 237ml for use in espresso machine to 475ml for takeout that suits for diverse needs.

  • 04

    Outstanding cool/warm insulation performance as desired

    Keeps cool for up to 37 hours and warm for up to 8 hours. Preserves the temperature you desire for enough time.

  • 05

    Double vacuum stainless tumbler with condensation resistance

    Hygienic stainless and double vacuum wall are free from dew condensation and keeps the bag clean while being carried.


  • Strap for easy carry
  • Double Vacuum technology
  • Condensation Resistant
  • Noise-reduction  with silence  silent stopper
Body stainless steel 304
Packing rubber (silicon rubber)
Cap polypropylene, acrylonitrile stylene (AS)