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The breathing container creates better taste for fermented food without odor and color stain

Product information

  • 01

    Better taste for fermented food with the patented air valve on its lid

    The smart patented air valve releases fermented internal gas and blocks external air fermented food for the utmost taste and texture for fermented food.

  • 02

    No unpleasant smell and color stain, STS304 container

    Premium stainless made of STS304 delivers outstanding durability and resistance for dishwashing. The container lasts long in good condition without odor and color stain

  • 03

    Powerful zero-leak airtightness with anti-bacterial silicone packing

    ‘L’-shaped anti-bacterial hollow silicone ensures perfect airtightness.

  • 04

    Easy to carry even when the container is full

    Handle on the lid makes it convenient to carry the 9.4L full container without added pressure on your wrists.

  • 05

    Durable clip-type wings

    Clip-type locks on its lid are highly durable and long-lasting without bending.


  • anti-bacterial silicone packing
  • Airtight
  • Stainless steel 304
lid silicone, PP