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The breathing container creates better taste for fermented food. The air valve on the lid vents out the gas from fermented food inside the container

Product information

  • 01

    The secret behind the fresh taste patented breathing air valve

    The smart patented air valve releases fermented internal gas and blocks external air fermented food for the utmost taste and texture for fermented food.

  • 02

    Healthy fermented food based on fermentation science

    The science behind keeping the food moist and fermented with probiotics, creates healthy and well-fermented food across four seasons.

  • 03

    Easy use and maintenance with inner lid

    Wide open top makes it easy to store food and to clean the container. The inner lid helps pouring the liquid inside without pouring other contents

  • 04

    Easier with handle

    Handle on top of the lid lets the heavy container be easily mobile.


Body glass (soda lime glass)
lid/handle/inner lid/valve cover polypropylene
lid packing low density polyethylene
Air valve/inner lid packing rubber(silicone rubber)