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LocknLock’s bestseller

Product information

  • 01

    Power coating with three-layer titanium non-stick and HardLock Technology

    HardLock Technology on the body interior and three-layer titanium non-stick treatment prevent coating from coming off.

  • 02

    405g super lightweight, is lighter than carton of milk

    Amazing lightness takes burden off the hand wrist. ※ based on 18cm double-handle pan

  • 03

    Deep and practical size covering all kinds of cooking

    Wok or a frying pan? 1.5cm deep and practical pan makes it a great choice for cooking all types of recipes. (comparison with LocknLock’s LEY1283)

  • 04

    Outstanding heat conductivity and preservation for quick cooking

    Outstanding heat conductivity speeds up cooking with added taste.


  • Gas stove
  • Electric range
  • Highlighter
Body aluminum (coating: Hard-Anodizing+ fluorine coating (interior), Hard-Anodizing(exterior)
Handle aluminum (bracket), bakelite