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The light, convenient and design-attractive Onecook series

Product information

  • 01

    The amazingly light pot weighing less than 500g

    Its lightness adds zero burden to the hand wrist when cooking and washing.

  • 02

    Super solid durability with HardLock Technology

    Hardlock Technology that hardens surface of the pot ensures long-lasting use without corrosion or deformation.

  • 03

    Quick and easy! Outstanding heat conductivity heating up food in three minutes

    Outstanding heat conductivity quickly heats up even frozen and instant food.

  • 04

    Easier! Convenient and modern design

    User-friendly, convenient and intuitive design makes it a good choice even for beginners.

  • 05

    Great versatility

    The lightweight and convenient Onecook series can cook all kinds of dishes such as stir-fried, stew, porridge and soup, etc.


  • Gas stove
  • Electric range
  • Highlighter
Body aluminum
Handle bakelite