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LocknLock Design Contest 2022

Company 2022. 08. 04

LocknLock design contest 2022 has been held for a second time in South Korea. This design contest is open to anyone who is interested in designs.

All participants can participate with their idea or design about LocknLock’s brand keyword, Fun, Together, Green and Future. Winners will be selected for 4 different awards; product design, visual design, online UIX, and sound design.

For product design, we are looking forward to see more designs for tolddler products, or new food container or beverageware. Participants for visual design are needed to express their imagination related to four LocknLock keywords into branding design or packaging design. For Online UIX, web pages like demonstrating LocknLock’s product in new user experience will be welcomed. Sound design is for all those sound within 100 seconds that express LocknLock’s identities.

All participants will be conducted for evaluation in creativeness, quality, brand understanding and feasibility. Best design will be awarded $5,300. Gold and Silver winners will be awarded $2,300 and $770 subsequently. Two special design that is made with The design software, Autodesk Fusion 360, will be awarded new iPad.

Tae Rak Jung, the director of LocknLock Design Center said “Many innovative and outstanding designs had been submitted in our first LocknLock Design Contest”, “For all those interest, we have prepared this second contest. We are expected to see more designs that contain fun, Co-value, environment and future together.”

* This contest is restricted only for residents in South Korea